West Texas Land for Sale by Owner

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The term “West Texas” generally applies to the southwestern region of the State of Texas. While there are no agreed-upon boundaries, the heart of West Texas could be described as the area west of San Angelo and south of Midland. For people throughout the United States who are interested in cheaply priced real estate, this particular region is considered by many to be the prime location. Therefore, West Texas land for sale by owner can draw a lot of attention.

Due to all its peculiarities, West Texas could be a separate state. The rest of the state has three of the largest cities in the United States—Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio—while West Texas contains no cities of that magnitude (Its largest city, El Paso, is considered by many to be more of a “New Mexico” city than a Texas city). West Texas receives much less rainfall that the rest of Texas and has a distinctive arid or semi-arid climate. Much of West Texas has rugged terrain including many small mountain ranges, while there are none in other parts of Texas. Unlike banking, insurance, technology, construction, and diversified industries in other parts of the state, the West Texas economy relies mostly on livestock, petroleum, and agriculture.

West Texas is one of the few regions in the United States of America where land can still be acquired for prices under $300 per acre. While real estate brokers dominate land sales in other parts of the state, it is still common to find, if you know where to look, West Texas land for sale by owner. Sometimes such opportunities can lead to exciting future real estate profits.

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