Texas Land Sales

Land for Sale

Compared to land sold in many states, Texas land sales can offer both greater upside potential and greater downside issues to deal with. In other words there are several peculiarities that should be thoroughly investigated beforehand.

Let’s discuss the greater upside potential. There are two significant advantages in buying land in the state. First, sometimes astonishingly cheap prices can be found; and second, land is usually easy to resell because of a constantly strong demand.

Now let’s review two downside issues. First is the difficulty sometimes in establishing legal access to the land. Just because you can drive over a road to the property doesn’t mean that the road is a legal and insurable access easement. Second is the fact that in many transactions, the buyer only receives a “contract for deed,” instead of receiving the actual “warranty deed.” A contract for deed doesn’t provide the same security as does a warranty deed.

Texas has attracted a large number of land dealers because the state is so big and has so much vacant land. Most of these land dealers are reputable and abide by applicable rules and regulations, in addition to being honest and ethical business people. However, as in any industry, there are exceptions and potential land buyers should always perform adequate due diligence.

Opportunities that can be found with Texas land sales can, in some instances, be worth a lifetime of working for wages. It’s an historic fact that land value always goes up through the years, and the value of paper currency always goes down through the years.

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