Texas Land for Sale

Land for Sale

Texas land for sale is considerably different from land for sale in most other Western states. The biggest difference is that Texas entered the Union as an independent country (the Republic of Texas), and therefore, there is very little federal ownership of land in the state. Land in other large Western states was acquired directly by the federal government as the result of either the Louisiana Purchase or the Mexican American War. The other difference is that railroad land grants in Texas involved the Texas and Pacific Railroad Co. as opposed to the Union Pacific Railroad Co. and Southern Pacific Railroad Co. in other Western states.

Among seasoned real estate investors, Texas land for sale is a prized commodity. There are significant reasons for this. The western part of the state contains millions of acres of privately owned land that is relatively low in price and has reasonably good year-round weather. The state is growing quickly, which causes land prices to steadily increase in value. Finally, there are very few county or state zoning regulations that control the use of land. In other words, Texas is  very friendly to free enterprise.

Over the years, real estate in Texas has presented some spectacular investment and speculation opportunities. Regarding cheap land, the best part of the state, far and away, has been the expansive, sparsely populated far western portion of the state. Fifty years ago, large tracts of acreage in this area could have been purchased for as little at $10 per acre. Today, it is very difficult to find land anywhere in the state for less than $300 per acre. This means the price is 30 times higher today than is was 50 years ago. As a comparison, 50 years ago the Dow Jones was 685, and today is around 11,000, or 16 times higher than it was in 1960. More significantly, many Wall Street stocks of 50 years ago no longer exist, while every single acre of land that existed in West Texas 50 years ago still exists today and is worth substantially more money.

Texas land for sale today continues to present some spectacular investment and speculation opportunities.

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