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Texas cheap land is an asset that has been coveted by astute real estate investors since Texas became a state in 1845. Expansive tracts of low-priced acreage in a state governed by an entrepreneurial spirit have always appealed to man’s speculative nature.

Texas was named for the Caddo word tavshals, meaning “friends.” Texas is one of only two states, California being the other, that contain three of the largest 10 cities (Houston, San Antonio and Dallas) in the nation.  A decade ago, the petroleum industry accounted for 25% of state revenues. Today—due to diversification into aerospace, computers, electronics, banking and agriculture—the petroleum industry accounts for only 7%.

The wonderful thing about Texas real estate is the great diversity in the type of real estate. On one hand, there are 50-story office buildings in Houston and Dallas that sit on land worth over $1 million per acre, and on the other hand, there are wide-open plains in West Texas where land can still be purchased for under $500 per acre. In other words, there is something for every real estate investors’ budget in the State of Texas.

Texas is unique among all states, in that most Texas real estate is purchased by Texans. For example, land for sale in Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, or other Western states will usually include a multitude of buyers from all over the United States. The best real estate deals in Texas, however, usually are snapped up by Texas buyers. Another big difference is that Texas real estate, unlike real estate in other states that is sold on installment terms, is usually sold on a cash basis. Thus Texans put their money where their mouth is, and when good deals appear, they quickly buy Texas real estate and willingly pay all cash

If a person can find Texas cheap land for sale at a reasonable price, and for convenient installment terms, it might be an excellent idea to “beat a Texan to the punch” and quickly close the transaction. Over the long haul, it could prove to be exceedingly beneficial.

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