Texas Acreage for Sale

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Historically, Texas acreage for sale has offered a tremendous opportunity to investors and speculators. And the best area to seek Texas acreage for sale cheaply has been, and is, the large, sparsely populated far western portion of the state.

If you had purchased a large tract of acreage in this area in 1975, you could have paid as little as $10 per acre. But today, it is difficult to find Texas acreage for sale for less than $300 per acre. Just imagine: the price of that Texas acreage has increased 30-fold in the past 35 years!

Compare that rise in value to what you might have gained in the stock market over that period of time. In 1975, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 880, and today, it is around 11,000 — almost 13 times higher than it was 35 years ago. Well, you may think, 13 times higher isn’t bad. But remember, many Wall Street stocks that were highly prized in 1975 no longer exist. Even large publicly traded companies no one ever expected to fail have closed, become outdated by new technology, or simply gone broke. But

Every single acre of land in West Texas still exists today, as it did 35 years ago, and is worth substantially more money.

Seasoned real estate investors know that Texas acreage for sale is different from acreage for sale in most other states—and is a more promising investment for several significant reasons, including the following:

1. In the western part of the state, there are millions of acres of privately owned Texas acreage for sale at relatively low prices.

2.  West Texas has reasonably good weather year-round.

3.  The state is growing quickly, and land prices are increasing steadily.

4.  Texas is extremely friendly to free enterprise; very few county or state zoning regulations control the use of land.

Texas acreage for sale continues to present some exceptionally interesting investment and speculation opportunities.

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