South Dakota Properties

Land for Sale

South Dakota properties can mean homes, shopping centers, apartments, commercial buildings, hotels, resort developments, and so on. But for the purpose of this article the definition is limited to raw, unimproved land in rural areas.

Regarding raw, unimproved land in rural areas, the State of South Dakota offers some exciting possibilities. Previously, the only use for such properties was livestock grazing. Today, however, there are many additional potential uses under consideration. Following is a list of some of those uses.

  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Wind energy farms
  • Solar power development
  • Geothermal power
  • Rights-of-way easements for pipelines, cell towers and access roads
  • Fossil discoveries and excavations
  • Sand and gravel sources
  • Land fill
  • Signage

For current land investors, however, South Dakota properties can afford tremendous opportunities for future profits. Find a nice tract of land at a cheap price, purchase it under good terms, and then simply wait. Time and the future will take care of the rest.

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