South Dakota Land

Land for Sale

South Dakota land offers some of the best investment and speculation opportunities available anywhere in the United States. In fact, South Dakota is one of five states containing the lowest priced land for sale in the nation. The other four states are Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada. No other state in the United States—be it any state east of the Mississippi, any of the Great Plains states, or Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon or Utah—will have land for sale at cheaper prices than are available in these five states. Of the five states, however, South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas probably offer the best combination of low prices, wide market demand, and relatively lenient subdivision regulations.

The term “cheap” land refers to the per-acre price and not the parcel price. For instance, a 160- acre tract for $47,840 is far cheaper than a half-acre lot for $2,995. The reason the 160-acre tract is cheaper is that it costs only $299 per acre, while the half-acre lot costs $5,990 per acre. The key to success in buying rural land is to concentrate on the per-acre price and not the per-parcel price. Since the Pilgrims landed in 1620 and Americans began migrating west, land dealers have made fortunes buying land per acre and selling lots per parcel!

There is more to consider in buying land, however, than the price itself. While the price is of paramount importance, accessibility issues, title policy availability and applicable subdivision regulations also are major concerns. Property owners in South Dakota benefit from one of the most advantageous access policies in the nation, as state statutes require that all section lines be made available for road access. Major title insurance companies provide title policies for landowners, and there are very few state or county subdivision regulations affecting the division and sale of land in 40-acre sizes or larger.

In summary, South Dakota land investment and speculation opportunities should certainly not be overlooked.

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