South Dakota Acreage

Land for Sale

South Dakota acreage can produce for many investors exactly what they want: a trouble-free and stable investment. Remote, undeveloped land for sale in the state can be a low-risk investment, if purchased cheaply enough and held long enough. This low-risk environment can allow individuals to increase their assets over a long period of time.

These types of properties are completely raw and undeveloped. There are no residences, no running water, no plumbing, no electricity, and often not even roads (although there usually will be recorded easements). Those wanting to build a residence should probably not consider buying undeveloped land (although zoning allows residential usage).

Most large tracts of land in South Dakota are sold by the acre. This is what makes them so affordable. With large parcels of land, the price per acre is usually the lowest possible. Some land in the state is still available for as little as $399 per acre, with spectacular seller-financed terms.

Much of the acreage available in the state consists of prairie land used for cattle grazing. It is raw and undeveloped. After acquiring such properties, there are no ongoing maintenance expenses. The only other costs would be property taxes.

With South Dakota acreage at such reasonable prices and the value of land increasing over the long haul due to inflation, such an acquisition should be very financially sound. It is far wiser to own land and see values increase through the years than it is to own cash and see value diminish through the years.

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