South Dakota Acreage for Sale

Land for Sale

Since statehood was achieved in 1889, South Dakota acreage for sale has been of great interest to farmers, ranchers, hunters, investors and speculatorsandoffers excellent opportunities for someone who wants to acquire a large tract of land to hold for the future.

South Dakota, along with just a few other Western states, offers some of the lowest per-acre land prices available anywhere in the United States of America. If a person knows where to look, acreage in South Dakota can still be found for prices as low as $299 per acre. And the best place to look is in the west-central part of the state, in Harding and Butte Counties.

In 1955, the Dow Jones was 488, postage stamps cost three cents, gas was 25 cents per gallon, and new homes went for $15,000. Now, almost 60 years later, the Dow Jones is near 12,000, postage stamps cost 44 cents, gas is $3.00 per gallon, and new homes go for $250,000. These inflationary price escalations have made the above items from 12 to 25 times more expensive today than they were in 1955.

In 1955, acreage in the statecould have been purchased for as little as $5 per acre. Today, much of this same land is priced at as much as $500 per acre, which represents a price increase of 100 times the 1955 value.

Through the years, South Dakota acreage for sale has steadily increased in value. Unlike with many forms of investment, the owner didn’t have to do anything at all to cause these price increases. The land didn’t have to be rezoned, no improvements had to be made, and nothing had to be maintained. All that was required was the passage of time, and the inevitable effect of inflation.

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