Selling Your Own Ranch

Have Land to Sell

Selling your own ranch might not be the best idea, for one very good reason. Namely, most ranchers view the value of a ranch from the standpoint of agricultural economics. In other words, what is the carry capacity (AUMs) and how much money can the operation make? That is a logical approach for a rancher because that is what ranchers use ranches for: running agricultural operations. Ranchers buy ranches and sell ranches based on agricultural economics and perceptions.

However, there is an entire different perception on the part of many investors, both domestically and internationally. These investors look at ranches and don’t see cattle grazing land; rather, they see large tracts of cheap acreage for investment purposes.

So it might make sense for a selling rancher to consider hooking up with a rural land investment firm that specifically understands, and markets, large tracts of acreage based on investment purposes, as opposed to agricultural usage. The selling rancher might be pleasantly surprised at how others view his ranch.

In other words, the selling rancher’s neighbors would no doubt value his ranch for far less, based on agricultural usage, than an investor in New York or London would, based on land investment appeal. The secret is to sell a ranch for its land value, not for its cattle grazing value.

Selling your own ranch, based on rural land investment potential, and not agricultural economics, can often turn out to be quite beneficial.

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