Sell Your Land Online

Have Land to Sell

You might ask how difficult it would be to sell your land online, especially given the fact that you probably have no experience in such an undertaking. Granted, without an adequate website, without enough Internet traffic, without a proper online sales presentation, and without all the supporting documentation required, it might appear to be an almost impossible task.

Depending on the type of land you want to sell, there will probably be Internet land sales organizations that can be of assistance. Some of these organizations will be real estate brokerage firms, and others might be private land dealers or investors interested in buying or optioning your land.

The Internet presents a huge, almost insurmountable advantage in selling land (or almost anything else) in today’s marketplace. Following are just three of those advantages.

Potential Customer Base: Years ago real estate was sold mainly to a local market consisting of a relatively small area, containing a limited number of potential buyers. Today, through the Internet, literally billions of people can be reached all over the world.

Speed: Previously it could take many months to achieve the full potential of a marketing campaign. Today, millions of potential customers can be reached via the Internet in a matter of minutes.

Cost: Color brochures, mailing expenses, full-page advertisements in the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, a much larger market can be reached much faster, and for a fraction of the cost, via the Internet.

If the expertise is available, it makes far more sense to sell your land online than it does to elect the old-fashion method of selling. Just the way it is faster, cheaper and easier today to fly across the country on a commercial airline in a few short hours than it is to take a three-week stagecoach trip!

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