Rural Land for Sale

Land for Sale

Rural landis obviously located in the country, while urban land is located in the city. And there are two distinct types of rural land for sale. Most rural land, especially those tracts located in the Eastern states, could be described as “developed” rural land. In other words, the land is located in the country, yet there are maintained roads, power and utilities. Depending on the state and the location, developed rural land like this usually sells for several thousand dollars per acre. 

Rural land in the larger Western states, however, is mainly raw, unimproved land without maintained roads, power or utilities. Land like this, completely unimproved and undeveloped, is still available today for prices under $300 per acre. And it is this type of land that can provide exciting investment opportunities.

There are many advantages to owning rural landin the Western states, as outlined below.

  • Convenient seller financing is often available, with small down payments and no credit checks.
  • Property taxes usually are quite low.
  • Land prices can be around $300 per acre, or less—among the lowest land prices to be found anywhere in the entire United States.
  • If the tract purchased is large enough, it can be parceled into smaller tracts, automatically creating a higher per-acre value and profit.
  • Cheap land, acquired for a low per-acre price, historically increases in value through the years, as the result of nothing but inevitable inflation.

Buying rural land for sale today, for a low enough per-acre price, and holding on to it for the long term, is practically a guaranteed formula for creating future wealth.

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