Remote Land for Sale

Land for Sale

The big advantage of remote land for sale is that it is usually very reasonably priced. Land like this will be located in rural areas and will be raw and undeveloped, without any utilities or maintained roads. If the land is used for anything, it most likely would be for grazing livestock.

Usually, these properties will be very reasonably priced and can offer exceptional real estate investment opportunities. Prices will normally be quoted on a per-acre basis as opposed to the square footage basis utilized by city real estate brokers. Low-priced rural properties can be found for under $500 per acre, while big city real estate quoted on a square footage basis can translate into prices of $10,000 to over $1 million per acre.

It is usually easier and faster to buy land for $400 per acre and resell it for $800 per acre, than it is to buy land for $10,890 per acre (25 cents per square foot) and resell it for $21,780 per acre (50 cents per square foot). The exception to this rule might be high-risks, time-consuming and capital-extensive city developments. In these cases, more than one developer has suffered financial devastation due to bad timing and a downturn in the economy.

Some of the best states to find good deals in remote land for sale would be Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nevada. Finding land for sale anywhere in the United States for under $500 per acre is becoming more and more difficult. Not too many years in the future, land for sale under $500 per acre will cease to exist.

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