Really Cheap Land

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What price would be considered as “really cheap land” in the United States of America? That price would be under $200 per acre. The United States contains approximately 2.2 billion acres (3,500,000 square miles), and probably less than 1/50th of 1% of this land, or around 500,000 acres, could be purchased today for that price.

Twenty-five years ago, there were millions of acres available for sale in all of the Western states for under $200 per acre. Land for such prices is shrinking fast and rapidly becoming unavailable. This is another subtle and underlying evidence of what inflation is doing to land prices.

There are 46 out of the 50 states where it is probably impossible to find land anymore for under $200 per acre. Wyoming, Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico are the only states where land can still be found for that price. If another caveat is added—states where subdivision laws allow the easy parceling of large tracts into smaller sizes for resale—then only Wyoming and Texas would qualify.

If anyone doubts the above facts, then following would be a simple method of verification.

  • Google “land for sale under $200 per acre” (then separate all the misleading ads for “$200 per month payments,” “$200 down payments”—and see what is actually for salefor under $200 per acre).
  • Check classified ads in newspapers (both major newspapers and small weekly newspapers) all over the Western states and see if you can find any land for sale under $200 per acre.
  • Phone real estate brokers throughout the Western states and tell then you want to buy land anywhere for under $200 per acre—You probably won’t have any of these brokers phoning you back.

If you can find and purchase some really cheap land anywhere in the United States, then hold it long enough, history has proven it would virtually be impossible to lose money on such a transaction.

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