Oklahoma Land Prices

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Oklahoma land prices can vary greatly, but you can be sure of one thing: that one of the lowest land prices in the nation for beautiful, scenic land with rolling hills, trees and streams will be in the State of Oklahoma.

In addition to great land prices, Oklahoma has very lenient subdivision regulations and almost non-existent building codes. Unlike many states, Oklahoma bureaucrats are very friendly and helpful to those wanting to "live off the grid." This attitude is in stark contrast to states like California, where planning and zoning departments make that type of lifestyle practically impossible.

Land prices in the state can range from almost $500,000 per acre in downtown Oklahoma City to under $2,000 per acre in places like McIntosh County.

Property taxes are quite reasonable in Oklahoma, and it wouldn't be unusual for a 20-acre tract in outlying counties to have an annual tax bill of less than $20. Oklahoma ranks as the 47th lowest state in property taxes; only Mississippi, Alaska and Alabama have lower property taxes.

In many states, it is common for real estate sellers to require credit checks, large down payments, and short-term financing. In Oklahoma, however, there are many opportunities to acquire reasonably priced land for very small down payments, no credit checks, and long-term financing. These convenient purchase terms, usually provided by an accommodating seller, make it easy for an enterprising buyer to gain control of large tracts of land for a relatively small amount of capital.

Reasonable Oklahoma land prices, cheap property taxes, very little bureaucratic regulations concerning land use, and easy seller financing, all combine to make the state somewhat of a haven for land investors.

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