Lots for Sale in Oklahoma

Land for Sale

There are numerous lots for sale in Oklahoma with prices determined by many different factors. Following are just a few of those factors that should be considered before making a purchase.

What about topography and tree coverage? If you are interested in flat land with no trees, then you should investigate the western part of the state. If you want beautiful, rolling hills with trees and occasionally creeks or ponds, then the eastern part of the state is where you should be looking.

Do you want the land to be near a town or fairly remote? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and the choice depends entirely on your personal likes and dislikes. But generally speaking, the closer to populated areas, the higher the price of real estate becomes.

Do you want the land for the purpose of immediately building a residence, or are you more interested in hunting, camping, or weekend RV usage? If you want to immediately build a home, then, unless you are willing to establish alternate sources of utilities or are willing to live “off the grid,” you should be certain all utilities are already developed and ready for hook-up.

If the main goal is simply a good land investment, what then should you be looking for? In that case you should concentrate on beautiful, scenic land with trees, land that is without utilities, but land that has been surveyed, that is located on a county road, and that is at least 20 acres in size. You want beautiful land with trees because land like that is more appealing and sells faster. You want land without utilities, because the price will be considerably cheaper
(Developers don’t work for nothing, and if they have developed utilities, then they will have already marked the land price up substantially). Finally, you want at least 20 acres that are surveyed and located on a county road, because it will then be exceedingly easy to further divide the 20 acres into four five-acre tracts for an automatic profit.

Lots for sale in Oklahoma can be a fun and profitable undertaking if analyzed correctly and purchased cheaply enough. And there are abundant opportunities within the state; it just takes a little time and effort to locate the right one.

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