Lands for Sale in Texas

Land for Sale

In 1852, Richard King, an Irishman born in New York, purchased 15,000 acres below the Nueces River for two cents per acre. He made his purchase on the advice of a close friend, Colonel Robert E. Lee, later to become the commander of the Confederate Army. This land acquisition was the beginning of the famous King Ranch in South Texas that eventually grew to be one of the largest ranches in the world. While lands for sale in Texas today won’t be anywhere remotely near two cents per acre, there still are some excellent bargains available.

In 1845, when Texas became a state, almost all acreage within its boundaries was considered cheap. Today, 167 years later, that is no longer the case. Texas has the second largest economy in the United States and three of the 10 largest cities in the nation—Houston, Dallas and San Antonio—are in Texas.

But there is an area in Texas that still contains some of the lowest per-acre priced land in the United States, and that area is West Texas. If a person knows where to look, a quarter-section of land (160 acres measuring one-half mile by one-half mile) can be acquired for under $300 per acre with easy seller terms of just a few hundred dollars down and a few hundred dollars per month.

Lands for sale in Texas can result in some of the best land speculation and investment opportunities to be found in the United States today. Large acreage at cheap per-acre prices is one asset that is safe, secure, and predictable to own.

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