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The first musical ever written by Rodgers and Hammerstein was “Oklahoma,” which was made into a movie in 1955 staring Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae. Many movie fans consider this one of the best musicals ever produced. Conversely, many land speculators might consider a sign on a beautiful, rolling hill stating, “Land Sale Oklahoma,” to be an advertisement for one of the best investment opportunities available.

Oklahoma, with a land area of 69,919 square miles, is the 18th largest state in the nation, and within its boundaries, it contains a wide variety of land and topography. The western part of the state can be barren, flat plains, while the eastern part can contain beautiful, rolling hills, dense forest, streams, lakes, and ponds.

Oklahoma can have some of the prettiest land in the nation, in addition to having one of the very best business climates. There are very few repressive zoning and building restrictions that are common in many other states. If a property owner in Oklahoma wants to build on his land, he will find the local authorities quite cooperative. If a property owner wants to subdivide his land, there are very few, if any, restrictions or roadblocks. If a property owner wants to bring in rural power, he will find the power companies very helpful. Additionally, property taxes are very affordable. In summary, the local county bureaucracies in Oklahoma display an almost “throwback” attitude toward property owners. A person who owns a tract of land can pretty much do what he wants with his own land without all the regulations, restrictions, and “red tape” thrown at property owners in other states.

Once almost a “secret” regarding land investment opportunities, Oklahoma is now being discovered. One of the best methods for those looking for a rural land investment would be to simply Google “land sale Oklahoma.”

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