Land Sale Nevada

Land for Sale

If you’ve ever had the desire to participate in the exciting land investment game, now is the right time, and Nevada is the right state. No state in the Union has seen real estate prices tumble faster or lower than in Nevada. Consequently, land prices in the state are extremely low, and many excellent opportunities are available.  A great way to begin your search is to simply Google the search term, “land sale Nevada.”

Your initial criteria should be to search for land under $500 per acre with legal access, near power lines, with proven water wells in the vicinity, and offered with easy seller financing. The ideal location would be along Interstate 80 between Winnemucca and Wells. This area is the center of huge mining operations that are expanding rapidly and are in serious need of housing to handle all the new workers being employed.

While Las Vegas and southern Nevada is in a deep real estate recession, the northern part of the state is booming due to mining activities. Nevada is the largest gold producer in the United States, and other minerals being produced include copper, silver, barite, gypsum, magnetite, and molybdenum. Two of the largest mining companies in the world, Newmont Mining Corporation and Barrick Gold Corporation, are both very active in northern Nevada.

In addition to using Internet search engines, also look for “land sale Nevada” in daily and weekly newspapers based in northern Nevada along I-80. With so much mining activity taking place, and with so many new employees being hired, land values will certainly increase substantially!

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