Land Investment Opportunities in Nevada

Land for Sale

Of all the states in the Union, land investment opportunities in Nevada might offer the biggest future potential of all. Why? Simply because real estate prices in the state have fallen more severely than in any other state. And the more prices are depressed, the greater the rebound potential becomes.

In the State of Nevada you can find ranches and large tracts of acreage available for as little as $199 per acre. You can find beautiful homes for $150,000 that previously sold for $500,000. You can find finished residential lots (ready for construction) for as low as $5,000 that previously sold for $35,000. You can find entitled subdivisions ready for residential development for $100,000 per acre that previously sold for $900,000 per acre.

In fact, it might be almost impossible not to make a substantial sum of money by purchasing a selection of cheap acreage deals, homes, and residential lots in the State of Nevada, at today’s prices, and then holding these assets for a 10-year period.

Anyone can make money in a rising real estate market, but it takes steady nerves, discipline and capital to function in a depressed real estate environment. However, far more money is made and far more opportunities are available, in a depressed market than in a rising market.

Land investment opportunities in Nevada today should be thoroughly explored by anyone with the knowledge and capital to play in this field. Ten years from now we might look back and realize the current recession was nothing more than the opportunity to purchase dollars for dimes—and such opportunities come along only once in a lifetime!

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