Land for Sale in Wyoming

Land for Sale

Land for sale in Wyoming has an entirely different meaning than it did in the past. Twenty years ago many people viewed rural acreage in Wyoming as “an almost worthless, barren wasteland in the middle of the boondocks.” But boy, how times have changed!

Forbes Magazine recently released its list of the 15 fastest-growing small towns in America during 2011, and amazingly, the only state on the list that contained four cities was Wyoming.  Gillette was #7, Laramie was #8, Rock Springs was #13, and Jackson was #14.

The “almost worthless, barren wasteland in the middle of the boondocks” now contains wind energy farms, geothermal power plants, sand and gravel sources, oil and gas exploration, landfill sites, water disposal facilities, and recreational subdivisions. And more is coming. Quarter-section tracts of land (160 acres) that used to sell for $20,000 now can bring $60,000 to $80,000 or more.

The interesting thing about cheap land is that if you have enough of it, and it is cheap enough, people can find uses for it, and eventually, it can help drive economies. Notice that few of the activities mentioned above are being conducted in the middle of large cities, where land is priced at $1 million per acre or more.

Those who were wise enough, or dumb enough according to some folks at the time, to purchase some of the “almost worthless, barren wasteland in the middle of the boondocks,” have done very well with their investments. Land for sale in Wyoming today is worth substantially more than it used to be.   

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