Land for Sale in Nevada

Land for Sale

The cheapest land for sale in Nevada is located in the northern part of the state and was originally owned by the railroad companies. This land can currently be purchased in 640 acre sizes (comprising one square mile and measuring four miles around the perimeter) for prices ranging from $100 to $300 per acre. Unfortunately, however, due to state subdivision regulations, it is very difficult to break these tracts into smaller sizes for resale without incurring substantial expenses for surveys and county standard roads.

There are probably better deals available in northern Nevada in the form of 40-acre, 80-acre and 160-acre tracts that have already been subdivided, surveyed, and are closer to water and power. Tracts like this can still be acquired for prices ranging from $375 to $650 per acre, with easy seller financing.

There is beginning to be a large and pressing demand for properties that are suitable for residential usage in northern Nevada, due to a housing shortage caused by rapidly increased mining employment.  The large mining companies, Newmont Mining Corporation and Barrick Gold Corporation in particular, are spending billions of dollars to develop new mines and expand existing mines in northern Nevada. As the world economy improves, and demand for all the minerals mined in Nevada increases, this trend will even escalate.

Land for sale in Nevada, especially northern Nevada, should offer excellent investment potential for the next several years. Land investors and speculators ignore this area and opportunity at their own peril.

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