How to Invest in Land

Land for Sale

How does a person invest in land? There are quite a few approaches available. One approach would be to hire an expensive real estate land planning and research firm for the purpose of trying to identify properties that can be rezoned and developed. Another method might be to find a tract of land 10 or 15 miles from a city and hope that the path of growth will be in that direction. Still another way would be to have a knowledgeable real estate broker notify you of good deals when they become available.

Unfortunately, the above methods can be quite complex and usually will be subject to conditions beyond your control—such as the state of the economy, the politics of rezoning, the direction of growth, availability of capital for development, and so on.

Isn’t there an easier, surer method? Yes, there is—a method so easy that even the most sophisticated real estate investors (in fact, especially the most sophisticated) fail to recognize it. 

This method involves simply purchasing some of the cheapest per-acre priced land available for sale anywhere in the United States—and then forgetting about it for the next decade or two. While this might appear quite boring, in the end it would be almost impossible not to achieve a substantial profit. And isn’t that what the goal is?

A lot of self-anointed “experts” try to sell books and study courses on how to invest in land, yet most of these folks don’t have a clue themselves. If they did, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to follow their own advice and make a lot of money just doing it, instead of trying to sell you a book?

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