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Texas entered the union in 1845 as the 28th state. The state contains 268,000 square miles and has a population of 23 million. Some of the most remote, sparsely populated areas of the nation are in Texas, as well as 3 of America’s largest cities: Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.
Texas is one of only seven states with no state income tax. The other six states are Alaska, Nevada, Washington, Florida, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The term “cheap land” is relative in nature, meaning that the land is priced lower than other tracts of land in the same vicinity. The term “cheapest land,” however, is absolute in nature, indicating the lowest priced land to be found anywhere in the state. If you know where to look, the cheapest land in Texas can be purchased for as low as $199 per-acre.

When the term “cheapest land” is used, there is still a lot of confusion over what the term really means. For instance, a half-acre lot for only $995 would appear to be one of the cheapest land prices available – but in reality it equates to a price of $1,990 per-acre. On the other hand, an 80-acre tract for $27,995 is actually cheaper than the half-acre lot, because it is priced at $350 per-acre, as opposed to $1,990 per-acre. Seasoned investors will always focus on per-acre prices as opposed to per-parcel prices!

The most dramatically beautiful region of Texas is the Trans-Pecos – the part of Texas that juts out to the far west and contains the state’s highest mountains and most spectacular river canyons. The Trans-Pecos, the Rio Grande gorges, the El Paso borderlands, and the mysterious Marfa lights all exist in this most desolate of regions, where in some counties there are fewer people that square miles.

One such example would be Loving County, where the population “exploded” from 67 people in 2000 to 71 people in 2006. Loving County has the smallest population of any county in the United States. The county seat, Mentone, has a population of only 15 people. There are far more mule deer, cattle, jack rabbits and oil wells in Loving County than there are people. In many ways the area hasn’t changed much since the Lincoln County range wars in the late 1870s, when it was rumored that Billy the Kid hid out for awhile in Loving County.

Since the Mexican-American War (1846-48) Texas has been known for exceptional real estate opportunities. Purchasing a tract of the cheapest land in Texas, for a long-term investment, could prove to be very rewarding.

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