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As the cannon went off at high noon on April 22, 1889, 50,000 people stampeded into the new  Oklahoma territories in an attempt to stake their claim to new lands opened up for settlement. These people rushed into the new territories on horseback, covered wagons and on foot. Over 120 years later people are still rushing to buy Oklahoma land, except that today they are arriving by automobile, airplane or via the Internet. Oklahoma became the 46th state admitted to the Union on November 16, 1907, and contains 68,667 square mile, and has a population of 3.8 million. Oklahoma City is the largest city and state capital and Tulsa the second largest.

Unlike most other states, the cheapest land in Oklahoma can be tree covered with beautiful rolling hills, streams and ponds. When it comes to this type of land, Oklahoma probably has the cheapest prices of any state in the nation.

The term “cheapest land in Oklahoma” land refers to the combined price, terms and qualification process as opposed to the price alone. For instance, a 20-acre parcel for $49,995 with just $495 down and $495 per month, with guaranteed seller financing, and no credit checks, is cheaper than a five-acre lot for $20,000 with $5,000 down and requiring a thorough credit check. Furthermore 20-acre tracts for $49,995 are priced at $2,500 per-acre, while five-acre lots for $20,000 are priced at $4,000 per-acre.  Since the Pilgrims landed in 1620 and Americans began migrating west, people have made fortunes buying tracts of land by the acre and selling smaller lots by the parcel!

There is more to consider in buying the cheapest land in Oklahoma, however, than the price itself. While the price is of paramount importance, developmental and subdivision regulations are also major concerns. Oklahoma has one of the most lenient building codes and subdivision regulations of any state in the Union. Unlike state and county bureaucrats in many states, government officials in Oklahoma present very little regulations or obstructive policies for someone who wants to buy land and build a residence, or subdivide their land. The outlaying counties welcome new residents, and the bureaucrats don’t discourage people who might want to live “off the grid.” How refreshing compared to many states today!

If you know where to look, some of the most beautiful, and amazingly the cheapest land in Oklahoma, can be purchased for as little as $495 down and $495 per month. Buying a tract of the cheapest land in Oklahoma today could prove to be financially rewarding in future years.

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