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West Texas is a vernacular term applied to the large, expansive western portion of the state of Texas. The area is larger in size than many Eastern states. Industries include livestock, oil and gas exploration, cotton, grain, solar energy, wind farms—and cheap West Texas land.

The region was once inhabited by American Indian tribes, including the Apache, Comanche and Kiowa. Many Hispanics also settled in West Texas during the Mexican revolution. After the Civil War, an influx of settlers arrived from the Southern states.

Except for the city of El Paso, West Texas is very conservative in politics. Years ago, West Texans abandoned their Democratic roots, and today, some of the strongest Republican counties in the nation are in West Texas. Some of these counties have not supported a Democrat for President since Harry Truman.

West Texas provides excellent opportunities for rural land investments because there are plentiful acreage deals available, prices are relative cheap, and there are very few subdivision or land planning regulations in place. In fact, West Texas, along with Wyoming and South Dakota, is one of the “Last Frontiers” for cheap acreage speculations and investments.

Regarding per capita income for all counties in the United States, here is a fact that might surprise a lot of people: The highest per capita income for counties in the United States is in Teton, Wyoming (where Jackson Hole is located), New York County (consisting of Manhattan, where many wealthy investment bankers live), and Loving County (a county in West Texas with a population of 80 people in the entire county)!

Buying a tract of cheap West Texas land and holding it for the long haul would be an almost “can’t lose” proposition. In future years, the federal government will be printing trillions of new dollars, causing existing dollars to be devalued—while at the same time, cheap land, which they can’t make anymore of, will automatically increase in value!

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