Cheap West Texas Land for Sale

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Commercial real estate in the big cities of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio receives all the attention, but the easiest way to “poor boy” a small investment into a decent rate of return would be through cheap West Texas land for sale. It would be very difficult, if not downright impossible, to acquire an office building or shopping center in Houston for a few hundred dollars down. But a person could still find, if he looked hard enough, some cheap acreage in West Texas for less than $1,000 down. If this acreage were resold and produced $10,000 above the carrying costs, the investor would receive a ten-for-one return on his $1,000 investment. This $1,000 investment result would be highly unlikely dealing in urban properties.

If you want to see the stereotype of the old Texans represented in movies, you have to get out of the big cities and visit the wide-open expanses of West Texas. Out west you’ll see cowboys in pick-up trucks with rifles in their gun racks, hear the lonesome call of the coyote, experience almost unbelievable silence, and view indescribably gorgeous sunsets. Many would say that West Texas is almost a different state from the crowded cities and hustle-bustle found in the central and eastern regions.

The West Texas economy is based on ranching, faming, wind energy, and petroleum exploration and production. The largest city in West Texas is El Paso, home to approximately 650,000 people. And interestingly, the distance from El Paso to the Louisiana border is more than 800 miles and about 10 miles farther than the distance between San Diego, California and the Oregon border.

Anyone who finds a good tract of cheap West Texas land for sale, acquires it under decent terms, and hangs on to it for a long enough period of time is destined to enjoy an excellent financial reward!

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