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Cheap property USA is a real estate niche that very few people understand or take advantage of.Much of the land in the USA, despite its being a well-populated country, is raw and barren. This raw, barren land is undeveloped, and few people realize the fabulous investment potential contained in such properties.

Developing this type of land would be impractical and incredibly costly. However, the value is not in development, but in simply holding for the long-term. This concept, unfortunately, is so simple that most people don’t grasp it. The act of developing land is an “operating business,” and as such contains many variables and large capital expenses. The function of buying and just holding land is a “passive investment,” and depends on nothing but the passage of time.

There are lands located in very remote, isolated regions of the United States that are quite cheap in price. They are cheap in price because a “developer” hasn’t started building roads, bringing in utilities, and so forth. Developers, however, are not philanthropists, and they will substantially mark up every dollar spent. So if a developer acquires $500-per-acre land and spends $1,000 per acre in improvements, the retail price will probably be closer to $5,000 per acre (not the $1,500-per-acre combined cost of the land and improvements). Otherwise, the developer couldn’t make a profit.

So as can be seen above, the cheapest prices available in the United States will always be for raw, remote, unimproved properties. And fortunately, it is with such properties that the greatest profit potential (for the buyer) is found.

Owning cheap property USA can be an incredible investment. It requires no business operation, no improvement capital, and relies on very few outside conditions. All that is needed is the passage of time and inevitable inflation!

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