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The term “cheap land” is an absolute term when applied to states like Texas, Wyoming or South Dakota. But when the term is applied to the State of Oklahoma, it becomes relative in nature. Cheap land in Texas, Wyoming, or South Dakota is generally some of the cheapest land available, on a per-acre basis, in the United States. But the term, “cheap Oklahoma land,” usually implies that even though the land does not sell for the cheapest per-acre prices in the USA, it is among the lowest-priced land in the nation that has trees, rolling hills, and streams.

Land in the eastern part of Oklahoma is almost “undiscovered” among real estate investors and speculators. When “outdoor beauty and scenery” are mentioned, people usually think of states like Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Tennessee, or Kentucky. Yet the rolling hills of Eastern Oklahoma are just as beautiful, but with much lower land prices.

Thousands of acres of forested land in southeastern Oklahoma are managed as wilderness preserves, creating a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, bird watchers, hunters, photographers, and hikers. Much of this area is still remote and off-limits to developers.

Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state, and a shoreline that is 2,000 miles longer than the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts combined!

The name Oklahoma is a Choctaw word meaning “Red People.” Oklahoma is home to more Native Americans, almost 300,000, than any other state. Also more astronauts (Gordon Cooper, Shannon Lucid, Owen Garriott, William Reed Pogue, and Thomas Stafford) come from Oklahoma than from any other state. 

Finally, cheap Oklahoma land offers one of the better real estate investment opportunities in the entire United States.

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