Cheap Oklahoma Land for Sale

Land for Sale

Before 1889, most of the residents in the Oklahoma Territory were Indians, and there was very little Cheap Oklahoma land for sale. The Indian Appropriations Bill, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1889, opened two million acres of the Oklahoma Territory for claim by new settlers. The U.S. government was giving 160 acres of land, free of cost, to the first person who staked claim to the land and agreed to live on it for five years.

At 12:00 noon on April 22, 1889, the cannon sounded, and 50,000 people stampeded across the starting line in a rush to establish their claims to the newly opened lands. They traveled by horseback, by covered wagon and on foot. Everyone’s goal was to acquire land ownership.

Some of these people, however, jumped the gun, or sneaked across the line the night before, and were given the name, “Sooner.” A Sooner was a derogatory term describing someone who was unfair and cheated. Years later, the University of Oklahoma adopted the name of the Sooners for its football team. Now, of course, the name carries an entirely different connotation.

The growth rate was astronomical, as thousands of settlers invaded the region in search of cheap land to acquire. The town of Guthrie didn’t exist on the morning of April 22, 1889, and by sunset the population was around 10,000. Within a month, Oklahoma City had five banks, six newspapers, and a population over 10,000.

Even now, Cheap Oklahoma land for sale still is appealing to lots of people. And while there hasn’t been any free land available for almost 125 years, the idea of land ownership is still highly desirable.

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