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Many people are wising up and avoiding putting too much money into bank accounts for the simple reason that bank interest rates are pathetic. Money sitting in banks, other than for the valid reason of a cash reserve, is almost counterproductive. Due to escalating inflation, cash actually loses its purchasing power through the years. Acquiring cheap lands, however, might serve as an excellent offset and help protect against the ravages of inflation.

Inflation protection, investment stability, price of ownership, and enjoyment of use are main reasons people put their money into land. For land owners, unlike stock owners, there isn’t the daily drama, emotional upheaval, and fear of seeing reports in the Wall Street Journal or on TV that their assets are evaporating right before their eyes.

By acquiring rural properties when they are still inexpensive, people have found that these assets very rarely depreciate, if at all, in value. There is something extremely reassuring about the ownership of land. Land can’t be destroyed, it can’t be stolen, it can’t be outdated by new technology, it can’t be mismanaged, and it remains forever!

Historically, people who have invested in cheap lands, and retained ownership long enough, have invariably done exceedingly well. This is one sure-fire method whereby a person can take advantage of inflation, rather than become a victim of it.

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