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Cheap land can be found in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina or Indonesia for around $25 per acre, while you won’t find cheap land USA for much under $200 per acre. So if a person were interested in acquiring a large tract of cheap land for future speculation, which country in the world would offer the best potential?

Without a doubt, cheap land USA would offer the best potential for the following reasons.

  • Property rights in the United States are guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution, while property rights in other countries could disappear with a new regime.

  • Insurance companies in the United States will insure a buyer’s ownership of real estate, while in many foreign countries, dependable title insurance simply isn’t available.

  • In most Latin American countries, “squatter rights” are recognized – which means title to the land can be compromised because someone is living on the land without ever having established legal ownership or occupancy. The U. S. courts do not recognize property rights for “squatters.”

  • When a person buys cheap land USA, they use the U. S. dollar; therefore, the problem and risks associated with converting profits realized in a foreign currency are eliminated.

  • It is fast, easy and inexpensive to transfer ownership of cheap land USA to another buyer. In some countries, Argentina for example, there can be delays of a year or more while the government investigates and approves (or denies) the transfer of ownership for properties near coastlines or national borders.

  • The United States has the strongest economy in the world, and the government is stable. Historically, there has always been a strong demand for cheap land USA, and worldwide investors have purchased with safety and confidence.

Acquiring cheap land USA today, with inevitable inflation and ongoing population expansion, might be one of the safest and surest methods of increasing assets in future years.

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