Cheap Land Sales

Land for Sale

Cheap land sales have historically generated opportunities to build substantial personal wealth. The secret to making money from inexpensive land is buying large parcels of low-priced rural land. There is a surprising amount of profitable, cheap land for sale in rural areas of the U.S.

Some land investors make the mistake of looking at the parcel price rather than the price per acre. Like buying items for sale at wholesale prices, buying land in "bulk" is much cheaper and will yield higher profits when resold in smaller parcels.

A great investment in any economy, inexpensive land offers protection against inflation. Just as many wise investors amassed enormous fortunes from property purchased during the Great Depression, property bought at depressed prices during a major recession can yield impressive sale prices when the economy recovers.

Unlike commercial real estate or rental properties, rural acreage is generally a much simpler investment. Although researching local subdivision laws before making a purchase is essential, low-priced rural land is less bogged down by bureaucracy and involves much less risk of property damage.

Rural property often brings other financial advantages. Rights to certain natural resources may be obtained, and sometimes buyers may even elect to engage in cattle-grazing operations. Generating meaningful wealth is still an option for many, even without a business degree or millions to invest. Cheap land sales can help build a nest egg and ensure a bright financial future.

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