Cheap Land for Sale in the USA

Land for Sale

It is the general custom for people to invest in stocks, bonds, or bank CDs. However, inflation rates in the USA, along with periodical recessions, can often play havoc with these assets. The value of money in a bank CD will actually decrease in value through the years. This means that individuals are keeping their money in assets that can lose value. Sadly, more people should investigate the possibility of an alternative asset: acquiring cheap land for sale in the USA.

Let’s review a very simple example of what happens historically to the value of cash, and to the value of land. Let’s suppose that in 1911, a person left in a safe deposit box two assets to be turned over to his heirs in 2011 (100 years later). The first asset was $5,000 in cash, and the second asset was 1,000 acres located on the outskirts of a small town the person lived in, purchased for $5 per acre.

Now, in 2011, what are these assets worth to the heirs? Well, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it now takes $115,000 in cash to buy the same goods and services that $5,000 purchased back in 1911. Depending on location, the 1,000 acres today could easily be worth a couple of thousand dollars per acre—around $2 million.

In summary, the cash lost 95% of its value, while the land is worth 400 times more today than it was back in 1911. As incredible as it may appear, this little analogy is a perfect example of what inflation does, over the long haul, to cash and to land.

Since most people live in heavily populated cities, the remote, barren areas of the United States generally have been greatly underappreciated regarding land investment potential. All things considered, the best places to look for cheap land for sale in the USA today are probably in three states: Wyoming, Texas, and South Dakota.

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