Cheap Acreage in Texas

Land for Sale

There are a lot of listings for acreage in Texas, but very few listings for cheap acreage in Texas that is priced under $299 per acre. Texas is the second largest state in the United States, so there is plenty of land available to purchase.

Much of the better acreage deals available for sale are in the western part of the state. This is the vast, wide-horizon environment that is undeveloped and untamed. Though it is harsh terrain, it's a smart investment. Land is finite, yet inflation rates rise exponentially. The money invested in plots such as these only increases in value.
Another potential benefit of buying cheap acreage in Texas is that such acreages are suitable for a multitude of uses that ranchers very seldom explore. Among these potential uses might be solar power development, wind energy farms, commercial hunting, cell tower sites, rights-of-way for pipeline easements, sand and gravel sources, signage, and land fill.

If one knows where to look, plots can start as low as $299 per acre, with easy seller financing and no credit checks. Prices and terms such as these make Texas one of the better states in the nation in which to search for land investment opportunities.

Don't gamble on real estate that could destroy your capital base and depreciate in value. Be smart: Simply acquire a tract of cheap acreage in Texas and rest assured that, over the long haul, you've made a very wise decision.

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