Cheap Acreage in America

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For more than 500 years, kings, queens, governments and explorers have been seeking cheap acreage in America. Today, it is still a highly sought-after commodity. There simply isn’t any viable alternative. In most developed nations land prices are considerably higher or, in the case of Australia, large tracts of land are available mainly in the form of crown leases (and not fee ownership). And in third-world countries, ownership of land can disappear in a heartbeat due to governmental takeovers, corrupt bureaucrats, roving bands of revolutionaries, and criminal narcotics gangs.

When everything is considered—political stability, integrity of the title, and worldwide demand—cheap acreage in America also becomes some of the best and cheapest land in the entire world!

This type of property is one of the simplest, most trouble-free investments to make. There are very few “moving parts” involved, and there are no ongoing operations to drain capital. A person only has to do enough research to find the lowest priced acreage available in the nation. The price to look for is the per-acre price, not the unit price. One-hundred sixty acres for $64,000 is a far lower price than a one-acre lot for $3,000. Why? Because the 160 acres is priced at $400 per acre, while the one-acre lot is $3,000 per acre. When looking for cheap acreage, always concentrate on the per-acre price, and never pay much attention to the unit price, which can be a deception.

If a person purchased a large tract of cheap acreage in America for a low enough price, made all the payments when due, kept the nominal property taxes current, and held on to the tract for a long enough period of time—it would be virtually impossible to not make a substantial profit! But it does take, time, discipline, and patience.

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