Cheap Acreage for Sale

Land for Sale

The safest and surest method of investing in land is to simply purchase a tract of cheap acreage for sale, buy it as cheap as possible, and hang on to it for as long as possible. History has proven that it’s literally impossible to lose money with this type of an investment. This approach is all about price and price alone, because the purchase price is the only thing that can guarantee a profit in the future.

There are countless examples of someone acquiring a tract of land with a prime location in a major city, yet ending up losing their entire investment. Why? For a multitude of reasons, including paying too high a price; being unable to secure necessary rezoning; failing to receive adequate financing for development; and the economy crashing at an inopportune time. So obviously, a well-located tract of land is not the primary ingredient for a successful land investment.

Rather, the prime ingredient for a successful land investment is simply a low enough price. As opposed to a prime property located in a major city, consider a tract of acreage miles from nowhere situated in the middle of the “boondocks.” Land like this won’t be ready for development in a hundred years (if then); it won’t have any utilities, municipal water, or maintained roads. However, if this acreage is purchased cheaply enough and held long enough, then a future profit is almost guaranteed!

The proof of this is the historic fact that all cheap acreage for sale 50 years ago will sell today for a considerably higher price that it did back then. Obviously this statement can’t be made regarding the stock market, as countless public companies that existed 50 years ago went out of business and no longer exist. Yet every single acre of land that existed 50 years ago still exists

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