Acreage for Sale in Texas

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Acreage for sale in Texas is more meaningful than acreage for sale in almost any other state, simply because there is so much more of it. Land investors and speculators, interested in large tracts of cheap land, should never overlook opportunities available in the State of Texas.

Tejas, the name the original Spanish explorers called the region of Texas, was controlled by Spain for nearly three centuries. While Lewis and Clark were exploring the northern area of the Louisiana Purchase, President Thomas Jefferson, in 1806, sent Zebulon Pike to explore the southern reaches of the Louisiana Purchase. In doing so, Pike blundered into what are now the states of Texas and New Mexico (which were still owned by Spain, and most definitely were not part of the Louisiana Purchase). Spanish dragoons unceremoniously booted Pike out of the region.

Pike, however, came away from Tejas with a very favorable impression. He reported that the soil was fertile and that grasslands were abundant. He further stated that the Tejanos—the native-born Mexicans—were cultured and dignified in manner and speech. As Pike’s opinion of Tejas spread, more and more Americans became interested in exploring the possibility of acquiring cheap land in the area.

Almost since the day Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, American citizens began to move into the region in search of a new life and cheap lands for settlement. The very image of Texas has always been pioneering, adventure, large tracts of cheap land, and associated financial opportunities. Even today, 175 years after the Battle of the Alamo, acreage for sale in Texas still stirs the imagination and creates excitement!

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