Acreage for Sale in Oklahoma

Land for Sale

There are two entirely different types of acreage for sale in Oklahoma. In the western half of the state, there are high plains that are flat, barren and desert-like. In the eastern half of the state, there are scenic rolling hills that are heavily forested with lakes and streams. It would be no surprise that the western half of the state is known for cattle and oil wells, while the eastern half is known for outdoor recreation and hunting.

When Oklahoma was still part of the Indian Territory, acquiring acreage in Oklahoma and having safe and enjoyable use of the acreage were two entirely different things. Beginning with the nation’s Civil War in 1861, the armed conflict within the Indian Territory took on almost Byzantine qualities. The settlers fought the Indians, the Indians fought the cattlemen, the cattlemen fought the settlers, the Indians fought the U. S. Cavalry, and the politicians from bordering states fought each other. Beneath it all, however, was the land, and land ownershipin Oklahoma was something that everyone was interested in.

The Civil War created an interesting episode in Oklahoma history that has received very little historical attention. Not trusting the “White Leaders in Washington,” due to their reneging on previous treaties, the five Indian tribes in Oklahoma signed a treaty of alliance with the Confederate States of America. Mounted Indian warriors guarded Confederate supply routes. During the four years of the Civil War, there were very few transactions involving acreage for sale in Oklahoma.

At the end of the war, the “White Leaders in Washington” extracted a heavy price for the Indians having sided with the Confederacy. The federal government considered old treaties null and void and negotiated new ones, again changing the borders of the Indian nations. The new treaties required the tribes to cede lands and give up railroad rights-of-way. All of this created a new and heightened interest in acreage for sale in Oklahoma.

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