Acreage for Sale in Nevada

Land for Sale

Acreage for sale in Nevada can represent an excellent long-range investment opportunity. The state has over 110,000 square miles of land (seventh largest state in the Union) yet the population is only about 2,700,000 people (35th largest in the nation). So obviously, there is a lot of land that could be available for purchase.

Historically raw land in sparsely populated rural areas has proven to be a very safe, predictable, and profitable asset to own. It is safe because it can’t be stolen, can’t be destroyed, and can’t be outdated by new technology. It is predictable because through the years raw land has always risen in value due to ongoing and inevitable inflation alone. And it is profitable to own because every acre of raw, rural land that existed 25 years ago still exists today and is worth substantially more money that it was 25 years ago.

Nevada is an especially good state in which to invest in large tracts of unimproved rural land. Since the 1990s Nevada has been one of the fastest-growing states, and historically, there has been a strong economic base with gambling, tourism, construction, home building, and mining.

While the economic recession that began in 2008 has caused a serious slowdown nationwide—and especially in the sunny southwestern States of Nevada, Arizona and California—this recession has actually benefitted long-range investors by creating substantially depressed land prices. Thus acreage for sale in Nevada, if purchased cheaply enough and held long enough, can result in a financial bonanza for astute investors in future years.

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