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Land for Sale

Acreage for sale cheap is something that the United States of America has very little of anymore. While there is an abundance of land available for sale, it can hardly be called cheap. Land that can be purchased for under $500 per acre is rapidly disappearing.

The very word “acreage” is a common American term that simply refers to multiple acres. An acre contains 43,560 square feet. A lot measuring 200 feet wide and 218 feet long is basically an acre in size. Our entire nation was surveyed into townships containing 36 sections, with each section containing 640 acres.

In Europe and South America they use “hectares” as a land measuring unit, as opposed to acres.  A hectare basically contains 2.5 acres, thus four hectares would be approximately 10 acres. A 50,000 acre Texas cattle ranch being advertised for sale in Europe would be viewed by the Europeans as a ranch of 20,000 hectares.

Regardless of how one views the measurement of land, it is pretty hard to lose, over the long-term, by acquiring large tracts of it at cheap prices and holding for the long term. Large tracts of acreage for sale cheap, located anywhere in the United States of America, present an opportunity that many astute investors would investigate quite closely. After all, land can’t be stolen, destroyed, or mismanaged, and no one can create any more of it!

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